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LEGENDARY MAYTAG DEPENDABILITY Maximizing your equipment investment for over a half-century. ENERGY-SAvING SoLuTIoNS Maytag built the first appliance ever to receive the ENERGY STAR® label. Today, we offer energy-saving laundry solutions for all commercial laundry needs—from highly efficient ENERGY STAR®- qualified washers to the most energy-efficient dryers ever from Maytag—to help you save money and build profits. FoR YouR cuSToMERS: • Proven Cleaning Performance • Extra-Large Lid and Tub Opening • User-Friendly Controls Allow for Customized Cleaning FoR YouR oPERATIoN: • Our Most Energy-Efficient Top-Load Washer • Sensor Fill Water Levels Reduce Water Usage • Multiple Revenue Generating Options • Easy-to-Operate Manual Controls • High-Speed Spin of 144 G-Force Reduces Dry Time BuILT-To-LAST™ FEATuRES: • Premium Porcelain-Enamel Top • Smooth Balance Suspension System • Front Access for Easier Self-Service • Clothes Guard Keeps Laundry from Pump • 5-Year Limited Warranty—All Parts Covered e, the designated parts that fail in normal commercial use will be repaired or replaced free of charge for the part itself, with the owner paying all other costs, including labor, transportation and customs duty. Chemical damage is excluded from all warranty coverage. See complete warranty for details. WASHER SPEcIFIcATIoNS MoDEL MvW18cS MoToR Single-phase, reversible, thermoprotected, high torque ? HP (kw) .33 (.25) APPRoxIMATE WATER uSAGE — GALLoNS (LITERS) Average hot water usage, hot water cycle 6.1 (22.9)* Average hot water usage, warm water cycle — Average total water usage per cycle 19.9 (75)* ELEcTRIcAL RATING Domestic model—voltage/Hz 120/60 Export model—voltage/Hz 220–240/50 BREAKER/FuSE MINIMuM REQuIREMENTS Domestic model—amps 15 Export model—amps 10 cAPAcITY Cylinder volume—cu. ft. (liters) 2.9 (82) Cylinder diameter—in. (mm) 20.8 (528) Cylinder depth—in. (mm) 23.8 (605) ExTRAcT SPEED Maximum RPM 700 Maximum G-Force 144 oPERATING PRESSuRE Psi (bar) 20–100 (1–8) INLET HoSE LENGTH Ft. (m) 6 (1.8) DRAIN HoSE LENGTH Ft. (m) 4.2 (1.3) ADJuSTABLE LEvELING LEGS ? APPRoxIMATE WEIGHT Crated—lbs. (kg) 148 (67) Uncrated—lbs. (kg) 132 (60) DIMENSIoNS Height—in. (mm) 43 (1,092)** Width—in. (mm) 27 (686) Depth—in. (mm) 25.9 (658) Lid opening—in. (mm) 17 (432) WARRANTY 5-YEAR,FOR ONLY $1816.00

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